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Small Change Big Difference

The KimiBarre and KIMIKO exercise system helps individuals adjust postures, maximize muscle strength but minimizing body activities, and burn-off large amounts of calories without exhausting the body at the same time. With its unique muscle contraction practice which differs from intense gym workouts, this sports dance system is designed exclusively for Asian ladies to improve their body pauses with mild exercises.



The creator and developer of the dance system KimiBarre and KIMIKO has made herself heard with elegant curiosity and delicate feline poise. Since falling in love with dancing at age four, she has dedicated her life to developing choreography which creates beautiful poise for sports dance. Although crowned as a ‘celebrities dancing mentor’ by the media, worshiped by her fans, and having written three ‘best-sellers on sports dancing, she has never stopped exerting her romantic Pisces influence on making the impossible possible. Together with the TRUE group’s cooperation, the KIMIKO Studio classroom has enabled her dream to allow people to achieve to their fullest abilities and potential.

KIMIKO Xi Tong Yun Dong


Where posture is key. KIMIKO designed this workout routine specifically tailored towards Asian women. This exercise looks to have minimal movement. While it may seem easy on the surface, the exercise focuses on core muscle strengthening and deep muscle movement.